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Can't Quench Your Thirst? This may be why....

Is your water bottle attached to your hip? 

I take a water bottle with me pretty much every where I go. Can you relate?

As I am writing this post, it's summer time and it's been really hot! The summer season is considered Pitta season in Ayurveda. 

The summer sun is fiery and the main element of Pitta dosha is fire. So if you have a lot of fire in your constitution (Pitta Dosha) and tend to overextend yourself this time of year (in terms of exercise, sun exposure, work, under or over eating, not getting enough sleep etc.), that can lead to a 'drying out' of your body and bodily tissues, and an overall feeling of exhaustion and burnout.

A Vata imbalance can also cause a 'drying out' of the body and the tissues.

When you have this feeling of 'drying out', the natural response of the body is to drink more water. If you don't listen to that urge to hydrate, (because you're too busy running around and not taking time to balance yourself out with some self care), then you may...

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Daily Routines To Keep You Healthy All Year Round

No matter what your unique body/mind constitution, (Ayurveda dosha) is, there are healthy habits that are good for everyone to help keep their mind and body balanced.

One of the keys to healthy balance is healthy digestion.

Another key is a healthy outlook or state of mind.

And there's a lot that one can do to promote a healthy digestion and a healthy state of mind that will work no matter what your dosha is.

Let's discuss a few.

Daily Routines To Keep You Healthy All Year Round:

  • Having a consistent nighttime ritual - This consists of going to bed at the same time, or close to it, every night, with 10:30pm being the latest time if possible. It also means shutting your tech stuff down a good 30-60 minutes before you go to bed. You could incorporate a calming breathing practice or light stretching practice before you slide into bed.
  • Having a consistent morning ritual - This means getting up at the same time every day, or close to it, by 6am or 6:30 the latest if possible. Then tongue...
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Kapha Busting 1 Minute Yoga Routine

Got a Minute?

I gotcha covered!

Can you really feel the difference in just 1 minute?!!

Yes you can!

I just uploaded a new 1-minute Kapha Busting Yoga Routine at the Inner Peace Hut.

Keep reading to learn how to access the video and to also discover how to change it up if you are Vata or Pitta dosha.

No more excuses!


Great for Spring time or any time you feel lethargic and unmotivated, especially if you're kapha dosha ;).

[Don't know your Prakriti or constitution? (which is your unique combination of the 3 doshas that you were born with) then you can snag my dosha quiz which you can sign up to receive at bottom of WHAT'S YOUR MUD? home page.]

At the moment I'm writing this, it's still Spring where I live. And although it's getting warmer by the day, for those of us who have a lot of kapha dosha in us, we can still feel the effects of the 2 elements associated with spring time.

The 2 elements associated with Spring are water and earth.

Spring time is...

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The Story of WHAT'S YOUR MUD? Part 1

I thought it was about time I shared where I got the name WHAT'S YOUR MUD?

This is Part 1 of 4.

Hope you enjoy.



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