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Have Your Own Life Experience


 Have YOUR OWN Life Experience!

After you watch the quick video above, read below to check out an experience I had......

So I have a funny example about having your own life experience around something.
Last year when I chose to have a colonoscopy, I started mentioning it to some people & I started getting all these reactions and stories about their experience. Well, I probably should've kept it to myself! LOL.
So after hearing a ton of stories, I did decide to keep it to myself, to support myself through the process best I could, and have MY OWN experience around it.
And you know what? Since I had no stories created around it, the experience was my own and it all went fine without any added drama.

Not only that but I was not anxious or nervous at all, and I have not been put under since five years old when I had my tonsils out. Hence, less stories floating around in the mind, less chance of anxiety and nerves coming...

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