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Balancing the Throat Chakra with Yoga and More

The Throat Chakra

Today we'll chat a bit about the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha, which is the Sanskrit term and means 'purification'.

If you missed previous posts on the Chakras in this series, you can start here with the Root Chakra.

The Throat Chakra is located at the center of the throat. The physical body areas associated with this chakra are the neck, jaw, throat, ears and mouth.

The color associated with this chakra is sky blue and is symbolized by a lotus flower with 16 petals. The petals are arranged around a circle with a downward facing triangle with another circle in the center representing a shining full moon.

The color blue is associated with trust, wisdom, faith, purification and is said to benefit the mind and body.

The main theme of this chakra is expression; to express ourselves freely and openly.

The element associated with this chakra is space. Think of the qualities of space --> subtle, vast and expansive.

The associated sense is the sense of hearing and the...

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