Hey! I'm Gina...

I'm the Mind~Body Chisel Coach here at WHAT'S YOUR MUD?.

If you're human, you've got mud. I'm here to help you chisel through your mud so you can discover your own perspective shifts, finally put yourself first & age with strength, grace and wisdom.

I'm on a ginormous mission to help as many people as I can wake up to who they truly are. I’m deeply devoted to helping folks entering the second half of life, (or who are already in it) experience boundless growth & have their own gosh darn experience around aging.

I call this time of life the ‘Vertical Climb’, meaning you can either grow upward, or grow old.

It's always your choice.

Plus, all this work helps you feel better and more energized and thus become more open and ready to discover how powerful you truly are so you can make the difference you are here to make in this world.

Are you ready to get unstuck from the Mud by starting the vertical climb upwards? That's where it all begins. Connecting to who you are and why you’re here is an empowering pathway to freedom and ignites a fire within that cannot be stopped.

And the second half of life is a powerful time to dive in!


That’s what Yoga & Ayurveda does – they help you connect to who you are and why you're here by chiseling away your mud in a way that suits your unique body-mind type the best.

The mind-stuff – your opinions, beliefs, habitual patterns, ideals (aka, conditioning) is also what stops you from doing what matters to you and having your own radiant experience in life.

This mind-stuff becomes a big component of many peoples' mud.

It prevents you from being okay with who you are and from loving who you are, with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. This is the stuff that accumulates into layers of mud.

My main mud is anxiety. I’ve been on a long anxiety-busting journey (20+ years) and the steady, consistent friend that’s been by me the whole time has been, and still is, yoga. I started practicing yoga in 1999. Ayurveda is the close runner up and has been helping me in my journey for the past 16+ years. Becoming a yoga teacher and Ayurveda guide are two of the best decisions I've ever made.

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Are you ready to make one of the best decisions you've ever made?

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No one can make this muddy climb for you. It’s up to you. Only you can create your muddy footprints that lead to your own unique journey through the mud.

And may I reiterate again that it’s so worth the climb!


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