Hi! I'm Gina...

I'm the De-Mudifying Guide, Ayurveda Coach & Yoga Teacher here at WHAT'S YOUR MUD?. I cannot wait for you to start your muddy adventure!



Hola! I am so glad you stopped by

I have a ginormous mission!

That mission is to help as many people as I can, wake up to who they truly are.

I told you it was ginormous!
I’m deeply devoted to helping folks entering the second half of life, experience boundless growth through Yoga & Ayurveda. I call it the ‘Vertical Climb’. I help others feel better and thus become more open and ready to discover how powerful they truly are and the difference they can make in the world. In other words, to get unstuck from the Mud by starting the vertical climb upwards!
Connecting to who you are and why you’re here is a pathway to freedom and ignites a fire within that cannot be stopped.


What I Do. 

As well as being a certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Coach & overall De-Mudifying Guide.....

I’m also a nature-lover, photo-taker, chakra-junkie, health-nut, information-seeker, crystal collector, extreme animal lover, pen-journal-planner fanatic and peace-lovin’ creator…..and if you haven't guessed, I totally love being outdoors!

As you can see, I really dig a lot of things…….I like to call it eclectic :)

Why I do what I do? 

I would love for you to truly feel at peace (aka, feel deep satisfaction in life).

Peace is always inside you, at your core. But what happens throughout life is that layers and layers of mind-stuff get draped over, making that light of peace dimmer and dimmer until you can’t see or feel it anymore – it feels like you’re in the dark and disconnected from everything, including yourself.

You can’t remember what lights you up and you don’t feel like yourself anymore. You think you need to find peace ‘out there’, but it’s actually already inside you.

What you need to do is to connect back within, unravel those layers (part of the mud) slowly and mindfully so you can begin to see the light of peace again that has always been there…..I call this the de-mudification process.

That’s what Yoga & Ayurveda does – it helps you unravel those layers and begin the climb out of the mud one footprint at a time!

And this mind-stuff – our opinions, beliefs, habitual patterns, ideals (aka, conditioning) is also what stops us from trying yoga and from discovering more about ourselves through Ayurveda.

Well, first I’m going to debunk yoga for you so much that you realize you have no reason not to try it. I do this in my What’s Yoga?, Why Yoga? webinar which includes my 20 Crazy Important Helpful Hints you need to know so you feel really confident walking into that first yoga class!  (and it’s FREE - link to grab it is right on top of the New To Yoga? page).

But getting back to this mind-stuff……

it prevents you from being ok with who you are and from loving who you are, with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. This is the stuff that accumulates into layers of mud.

My main mud is anxiety. I’ve been on a long anxiety-busting journey (20+ years) and the steady, consistent friend that’s been by me the whole time has been, and still is, yoga. I started practicing yoga in 1999. Ayurveda is the close runner up and has been helping me in my journey for the past 16+ years.

When I researched anxiety and read up on it, the three tools that I tried, and still use to this day, are yoga, meditation and aromatherapy.

I’d thought about becoming a yoga teacher throughout the years but it just never seemed to work out. But in the summer of 2014, life had other plans for me as a whisper landed in my brain in July that year, ‘maybe you want to be a yoga teacher?!’ After that whisper, my husband and I googled ‘yoga teacher trainings in NJ’ and low and behold there was one starting at a yoga studio 12 minutes away from me! It was a YogaWorks teacher training – I went to the Q&A and signed up that day!

Stay open, because you just never know what Life has in store for you :).

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Where to start.

Join me at the Inner Peace Hut.

This is a place for you to restore your energy, receive moments of relaxation + bust through your mud! (I’m so excited for you!)

By registering as a member, you can gain access to free resources I’ve created, including free access to the Anxiety-Busting Video Summit, the Anxiety Relief Toolkit, the Meditation Room, the Yoga Tepee and more.

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