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Balancing the Root Chakra with Yoga and More


The Root Chakra

The Chakras are energy centers that help balance the human being on all levels.

If this is your first encounter with the chakras, it may sound a bit 'out there', but science has proven that we are made of energy. Energy can be stored, transformed, depleted, or excessive.

From the online dictionary, energy is defined as:

the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity

The quote below is from an interesting article:

As science goes deeper and deeper into matter it finds that matter is no more and only energy remains, only energy is.

Chakra means 'wheel' and the main 7 chakras are aligned along the spine from the very bottom tip below the tailbone all the way through the neck to the crown of the head.

These wheels of energy balance, receive, transform and store energy. They are also the communication pathway for the subtle energy body and the physical body.

When the energy is flowing freely all is well and good. But sometimes when the...

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