Can't Quench Your Thirst? This may be why....

Is your water bottle attached to your hip? 

I take a water bottle with me pretty much every where I go. Can you relate?

As I am writing this post, it's summer time and it's been really hot! The summer season is considered Pitta season in Ayurveda. 

The summer sun is fiery and the main element of Pitta dosha is fire. So if you have a lot of fire in your constitution (Pitta Dosha) and tend to overextend yourself this time of year (in terms of exercise, sun exposure, work, under or over eating, not getting enough sleep etc.), that can lead to a 'drying out' of your body and bodily tissues, and an overall feeling of exhaustion and burnout.

A Vata imbalance can also cause a 'drying out' of the body and the tissues.

When you have this feeling of 'drying out', the natural response of the body is to drink more water. If you don't listen to that urge to hydrate, (because you're too busy running around and not taking time to balance yourself out with some self care), then you may try to overcompensate by drinking a ton of water. But that ends up not quenching your thirst because the imbalance has already set in. 

So if you feel dryness in the mouth, have a hard time sleeping even when you feel exhausted, have a low appetite, are getting headaches or crave cold drinks, you may have a Pitta or Vata imbalance due to this 'dryness' of the body from overexertion and not keeping yourself well hydrated.

What to do.....

The first thing to do is to plan for some down time. Seriously, you need to pause.

Take some time to breathe deeply and be still for five minutes a day. If you can't sit still, then journal out some thoughts or doodle for a few minutes each day. Or take five minutes to read something inspiring. Open a book randomly and read a paragraph.

Another thing you can do is some gentle movement and Yoga Nidra (one of my favorite practices). You can join me at the LAB and move through the Rejuvenate & Refresh 5-Day Experiment. You'll begin to feel the effects in just five days.

You can also begin to incorporate what are called ojas-building foods in Ayurveda and includes items such as:

  • Coconut
  • Cardamom
  • Raw Honey
  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Ghee

*As always, check with your medical practitioner before incorporating any new foods/herbs or exercise into your daily ritual. 

In conclusion, keep your bottle of water with you as you move through your day so you can quench your thirst when that urge occurs and stay hydrated. But also balance out DOing with BEing and you will be able to truly quench your thirst and feel more balanced and calm.


- gina 


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