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Breathing Technique to Ease Anxiety and Worry


As we transition into Fall, we want to stay grounded, warm and hydrated.

The Fall season is called Vata season in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda deals with the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and space (ether). The elements all have their own qualities.

Vata dosha (a body constitution) is primarily air and space so that means as we move into Vata season, the predominate qualities are air and space.

Lots of wind blowing on our face can dry out the skin. Lots of air in the mind means too many thoughts - think cold, windy, dry Fall days.

So we want to bring in opposite qualities - opposite qualities balance - think grounding and warmth. These 2 qualities can help balance Vata dosha. This is why this time of year I talk a lot about bringing awareness to the feet on the earth in the classes I teach to sense the grounding support underneath us. And also to bring our awareness literally out of the mind at the top of the body, down to the feet.  

To ease anxiety and...

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Got Perimenopause? I Got Tips!

Ahh, perimenopause.

I bet a whole bunch of thoughts pop into your head when you hear this word.

One may be a big 'ol UGH!

Well, generally, most of us women don't have control over when this time will be sprung upon us. For some it's a lot earlier and for some it's a lot later and then there's a whole bunch of us in between.

And everyone's situation is unique and different so you need to do what's right for you in terms of helping any kind of issues you may be experiencing.

An Ayurvedic View

Generally, when we enter perimenopause, on our way to menopause, the Vata time of life is coming upon us soon or we are already in it. Vata time of life is 50 and over. 

Vata is governed by the elements of air and ether.

These elements are more subtle and light and mobile as compared to say the earth element which is more solid, heavy and dense.

When we are born, this earth element is more prevalent. Think chunky, pudgy babies with their soft baby skin.

Air and ether are at the other ends of...

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