Kapha Busting 1 Minute Yoga Routine

Got a Minute?

I gotcha covered!

Can you really feel the difference in just 1 minute?!!

Yes you can!

I just uploaded a new 1-minute Kapha Busting Yoga Routine at the Inner Peace Hut.

Keep reading to learn how to access the video and to also discover how to change it up if you are Vata or Pitta dosha.

No more excuses!


Great for Spring time or any time you feel lethargic and unmotivated, especially if you're kapha dosha ;).

[Don't know your Prakriti or constitution? (which is your unique combination of the 3 doshas that you were born with) then you can snag my dosha quiz which you can sign up to receive at bottom of WHAT'S YOUR MUD? home page.]

At the moment I'm writing this, it's still Spring where I live. And although it's getting warmer by the day, for those of us who have a lot of kapha dosha in us, we can still feel the effects of the 2 elements associated with spring time.

The 2 elements associated with Spring are water and earth.

Spring time is Kapha dosha season so that means Kapha dosha is primarily water + earth.

Imagine carrying around a full bucket each of water and earth....would be pretty heavy right?

Water + Earth are also inherently considered cold, dense & stable.

So what do we do?

We bring in the opposite of the qualities of water + earth which are lightness, warmth, movement....think air....and with air comes motion......think of winds or a light breeze.......ahh, don't you feel lighter already?!! Then think fire.........ahhh, you feeling the warmth and heat already? Nice!!

If you are kapha dosha mainly and/or balanced in your doshas, you can follow this kapha busting routine. If you have more of a pitta or vata constitution or imbalance, then you may want to change things a bit.

Here's what you can do:


  • Instead of kalaphati breath, breathe slow and deep and keep your hands grounded on your thighs, maybe even making your exhale a little longer than your inhale
  • For the cow-down dog-plank section, you can still do this but move slower and with a longer deeper breath, focusing on your hands rooting down and maybe bring knees down for plank
  • At the end, instead of windmill, do Sun Breath (there's a video I did on Sun Breath in the Yoga Tepee)


  • Instead of kapalabhati breath, do slower longer breaths, focusing on equal inhale and exhale and keep hands on the thighs --> if you aren't feeling too overheated, you can do kapalabhati breath using a slower rhythm than I am, so maybe cut the rounds in half to 14 rounds
  • For the cow-down dog-plank section, take longer slower breaths which in turn will have you practice the poses slower as well
  • Instead of the windmill move at the end, do Sun Breath (there's a video I did on Sun Breath in the Yoga Tepee)
  • Practice in the AM when it's cooler rather than mid-day when sun is at its peak and hottest

Here's the link to the Inner Peace Hut if you aren't a member yet.....it's where I house all my free resources including this Kapha Busting 1 Minute Routine I'm talkin' bout.

Click Here for the Hut



Ps. Kapalabhati breath is a powerful pranayama practice. You start with a deep inhale and then begin short and powerful equal inhales and exhales. As you exhale, the navel pulls in toward the spine, as you inhale, it relaxes. If you turn your volume up, once you enter the Hut, you can hear the rhythm & pace of my breath......remember, I'm mainy Kapha dosha so I am doing a more vigorous kapalabhati breath.

Pps. Always listen and honor your body.


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