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Balancing the 3rd-Eye Chakra with Yoga and More

The 3rd-Eye Chakra

Today we'll chat a bit about the 3rd-Eye Chakra or Ajna, which is the Sanskrit term and means 'to perceive' or 'to know'.

If you missed previous posts on the Chakras in this series, you can start here with the Root Chakra.

The 3rd-Eye Chakra is located at the space between the two eyebrows. The body areas and organs associated with this chakra are the pituitary gland, pineal gland, eyes, head & lower area of the brain.

The color associated with this chakra is indigo and is symbolized by a lotus flower with 2 petals. The petals represent the two hemispheres of the brain and are on either side of a circle with a downward-facing triangle which houses an all-seeing eye of wisdom.

The color indigo is said to be a very spiritual color. It's associated with boosting intuition and developing a deeper awareness of reality; of what's really going on.

This chakra connects you to the element of light and is referred to as our 6th sense.

The bija or seed sound is Sham.


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