What I Thought I'd Never Do Again

That pic above is me hanging out, (literally, lol) with my 3 siblings in Florida this past November. My mom, my two sisters and I went down to visit my brother for a weekend. My one sister had the great idea of climbing the tree for a pic. The 3 of them took their spots while I ran in the house for something...probably to go to the bathroom, lol and when I came back I decided to just jump up on that limb and take a different perspective.....if you know me at all you know I love to shift perspectives!
Getting back to the title of this post, the thing that I thought I'd never do again is FLY! On a PLANE!
Here's why I thought I never would and why I did it:
I was REALLY AFRAID TO STEP ON A PLANE AGAIN. I never had a bad experience. It was my fear that 'something may happen' and all the stories I made up in my head.
I remember the last time I was on a plane.....it was about 12-13 years ago. As soon as I got on the plane I had a panic attack. My heart raced and the first thought in my head was 'get me out of here!'
I totally resisted what I was feeling and so it got worse and I felt sick. I felt trapped inside what felt like a tin can. Ugh. Then a guy sat down next to me. My husband told him I was a little afraid to fly (I was thinking 'a little?!!).
So this is what he said to me, "Don't worry. I fly all the time. And when I'm on a plane nothing will ever happen because I owe the government too much money in taxes."
Well that made me laugh out loud and I calmed right down. Then he brought out this little carrier bag he had under his seat which had his little dog in it. OMG could the universe be any more kind to me in that moment? A little dog?! That I could pet and keep me calm. The rest of the flight was smooth sailing.
I still never wanted to fly again.
Throughout the past couple years I would think to myself that it would be nice to just take off and go see my brother and spend some time down there with him and my other family that was down there. But I never did because of the fear. And it wasn't just the plane going down, it was terrorism, the lines, the security and all the other stuff that came with flying that I was adding to my excuses.
Then something happened that made me realize once again that life's short.
And within a few months I purchased a ticket along with my sisters and mom and we went to Florida on a plane! And you know what happened?
No panic attack. No anxiety. Yes a little nerves surfaced but the normal kinda nerves. Not my normal anxiety mode. And I realized that all the work I've been doing for the past few years, especially the past 2 years, has truly paid off and that was the test.
I had such a great time and am super glad that I chose to go, fear or not. And this was a huge step for me to take. Now I will fly again no problem. I still don't love the part about it being so loud and not sure I could sit that long for a really long flight, but the fear of something happening has pretty much disappeared. If something happens, it happens. I made the choice to go and I'm now good with that. That's what putting daily work into yourself does.
I can't wait until we make that trip again!
Here's some more pics of our shenanigans.......
 My mom and I helping my bro when he was making his delicious shrimp over linguini....was sooooo good!
 At Fisherman's Wharf which was decorated so pretty for the holidays.
My bro excited to be making us his famous lemon poppyseed pancakes (OMG they were deeelish!) He's a great cook!
Our nice waitress took this pic for us after we had an amazing lunch.
We celebrated my brother's birthday a little early and this is the cake my niece (his daughter) baked for him.....she is incredible at making these fancy cakes!
My bro and I at a park down in Punta Gorda where I met a few new friends including this guy:
....and a bunch more cool birds at the bird sanctuary down there. These birds have a forever home here. So sweet.
So the moral of the story:
Don't let the stories you make up in your head stop you from doing the things you really want to do. Work on yourself. You can heal. Don't let fear ripple into later regrets. If you truly want to do something bad enough, you can do it. It takes time, work, daily practice. And I'm here to help if you need it and you're ready.
much love,

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