'Chisel The Mud' Coaching & Guidance

If you're human, you've got Mud.

And that's actually not a bad thing. It, in fact, is what leads us to our best Self, if you let it.

Our Mud helps us uncover our True Nature.

But that is a choice - your choice!

If you're ready to dive in, get clear on what you truly want and where and how to begin, I'd love to help.

You'll start to Feel Better, Stronger and more Vibrant so you can fulfill your deepest intentions in this one life.

Let's start chiseling!

"Who we are is the result of how we live and act on a daily basis."

-Dr. David Frawley

Together we will set up a simple plan for you to begin your unique journey to feeling better, stronger and more vibrant. One practical, do-able step at a time!

The Benefit You Receive: True Transformation!

  • Discover the tools that work for your unique body-mind type
  • Let go of worry and feel what it's like to truly relax
  • Do the stuff that really matters in this one life you've got
  • Learn to fuel your unique body and shed unwanted weight
  • Gain strength, energy and insight
  • Stop sweating the small stuff and open space up for your real passion
  • Unearth your inner warrior
  • Finally put yourself first and transform your Mud!

'Chisel The Mud' Coaching & Guidance

*3 Month Pack*


Here's What It Includes:

Powwow Sessions: 

  • Initial 90-minute Powwow 
  • Follow-Up Powwows that suit your unique style of learning (2 hours  each month split up in a way that works for you for 3 consecutive months)
  • Check-ins between Powwows at your Private Powwow Member Space

Creation of Your Unique Personalized Plan

Your plan includes:

  • Creating healthy lifestyle routines that resonate with your unique body/mind type and your current life situation
  • Looking at eating habits & adjusting accordingly in ways that make sense
  • Coaching/Self-Inquiry to keep you motivated and on track to fulfill your main intentions
  • *Downloadable Handouts & Worksheets to inspire you along the way

Your plan also includes:

  • 1 Customized Yoga Practice video
  • Guided Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing) Techniques
  • Coaching & Guidance


*Remember you are unique and the plan we create together for you will be unique to you based on your deepest intentions and also on your Prakriti (your unique dosha or mind/body type) and Vikriti (current imbalances) quiz results. We'll work together to create a do-able, simple, yet effective plan for you and your present life circumstances.

Now you may be asking yourself if this is right for you.

Keep on reading to get that answer.

This is for you if you can relate to all or any of the following:

  • You get that there's no 'quick fix' and you're ready and committed to doing the work.
  • You know you want to start the climb out of the mud, you just don't know where or how to start.
  • You are willing to carve out time daily for yourself.
  • Your health and wellness is a top priority.
  • You'll take responsibility for putting the plan we create for you into action.
  • You're entering or are in the second half of life and asking yourself questions like 'Who am I?'  or 'What is my purpose?' or 'What is life all about?'
  • You're looking for a little more peace and calm in your life.
  • You want to get stronger and more flexible both in mind and body.
  • You're looking to forge a deeper connection with yourself.
  • You're finally ready to be kind to yourself and treat yourself better.

This is not for you if: 

  • You can't commit to doing the work at this time.
  • Your health is not a top priority right now, and that's ok. It's just not the right time.
  • You're looking for a quick fix.
  • You're not willing to take responsibility to put your personalized plan into action.

Listen, this stuff takes time and commitment and a deep devotion to yourself. I get it. I've had to do this work myself, and I continue to do it daily. It's simple, but not easy. And if you're not ready to change things up and start working on your health and well-being, then now may not be the right time.

But if you are, click that green button below and get ready to start your upward climb out of the murky muddy depths toward feeling strong, vibrant and energized!

You will understand your unique dosha combination better, which will guide you to make wiser choices.

And I'll be there alongside you every step of the way.

If you're tired of being stuck deep in the mud and you’re ready to take the first muddy footstep out to start the vertical climb, invest in yourself now and click the green button below.

*3-Month Guidance*

Click the green button below to get started on your unique journey to feeling better, stronger, energized and more peaceful. I cannot wait to chat & collaborate with you to create
your unique personal plan & support you through it!

“Working with Gina was so grounding for this Vata! Our sessions helped to set a direction in which I could channel all of my energy, instead of my usual scattered, putting out the fires mentality. Implementing little, do-able things that led to BIG things! Gina’s worksheets helped me take the time to observe my tendencies and uncover some limiting beliefs. Gina is so genuine, a great listener, like talking to an old friend. I would recommend Gina's coaching and guidance to anyone trying to make a positive change in any area of their life! ”

Ellisa Gumina

Yoga Instructor

Ellisa Gumina

Yoga Instructor

I began my journey with Gina because I was not feeling my best and knew I needed to make changes in my life. I didn’t know where to start or even what exactly I was trying to accomplish but through Gina’s thoughtful guidance, I quickly gained clarity and purpose. She introduced me to new practices that balanced my high Pitta Dosha and have helped me tremendously in coping with stress, thinking more clearly and calming my physical symptoms down. Gina is fantastic to work with – she’s open, encouraging, supportive. Working with her has been such a transformative experience for me!

Jamie F.


Jamie F.


My one-on-one with Gina was surprising in the very best sense of the word. I was not presented with some rigid trajectory that we would follow to achieve a specific result. I felt Gina attuning to me as she asked me questions. I imagined my words and my energy factored into how she designed the journey she took me on. I have never experienced such nurturing in yoga, but at the same time there was also an element of playfulness. I really felt like a co-participant in a process of serving the deepest and most authentic needs of my bodymind at that precise day and moment in time. The session was extremely restorative but also empowering. I believe that Gina's ease and loving presence were an invitation to my physical and emotional tensions to just let go and fall away. Shavasana was the absolutely luscious cherry on top. I was truly transported. Gina took the utmost care to set me up perfectly so that I could deeply relax. She used her myriad gifts to prime me energetically resulting in the blurring of my perception of the boundaries of my physical self as well as a powerful flow of energy from base to crown. The experience was unforgettable.

Hola! I'm Gina.

I love helping folks get unstuck from the Mud by starting the vertical climb upwards!

The outcome of our work together is pure transformation. Let's Do this!

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"If you hear a voice within that says 'you cannot paint' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced."

Vincent Van Gogh


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