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It's Time To Chisel!

And get your RADIANT ON!




Are you a woman who'd like to flip your view on aging and use getting older as an advantage rather than a crutch?  And be radiant beyond 50?

To feel confident and energized to move through the second half of life speaking and living from your truth?

In mind and body!?


If you have the desire to:

Stop doubting yourself

Bust through anxiety

Start letting go of unwanted stuff (mental and physical)

Stop double-guessing yourself

Stop procrastinating

Stop stressing over the small stuff

Stop the self-sabotage

Deepen your spiritual connection

Carve time out for yourself

Get stronger

Feel more energetic

Move better in your unique body for the duration you are here on this earth

........And be ok when you no longer can



Then the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB is the space and community to help you do exactly that! 


Begin to fully understand what you can control and create new habits that stick and that will support you on your life journey! 


In the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB, the real work begins as you start to uncover deep inner truths. This lab is not for the faint of heart. It's for you if you are ready to pick up your chisel and start carving your path to unleash your radiant warrior spirit.


You know your Radiant Warrior Spirit....that part of you that has been waiting to be recognized once again.....the part that's been quiet and putting up with things for far too long....that part of you that is ready to be unleashed and speak your truth.

If this resonates, then I invite you to embark on this transformational crusade. 

Yes, you will achieve gains in strength and mobility, but more importantly, you will begin to chisel your mind and gain a deeper focus, clarity and awareness of your life so that you can investigate and uncover the things you love most while you carve away the unwanted beliefs, emotions and conditioning that made you stuck and not choosing YOU for way too long.

It's about time, isn't it?!!

Choose to embark on this journey now and begin to create the radiant mindset needed to age with grace, strength and wisdom!

As you move, breathe and ignite your inner fire once again, you will create experiences where you can examine and analyze your inner workings, so you can decipher where you limit, block and prevent yourself from having a deep, rich and meaningful experience of life. 

Now the Real Work Begins! Commit to YOU! Experience Radiance!

 “A thought and a choice lies between freedom and bondage.”
~ Adyashanti
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Hey I'm Gina. I believe we all have a radiant warrior spirit. I've been on a journey cultivating mine for over 20 years and my passion is to help others do the same. Deep Strength. Unwavering Devotion. A Fortress of Fortitude. Boundless Love. Amplifying Awareness. Unlimited Perspectives. Warrior Mind. Radiant Heart. This is what I'm about and why I continue to probe within deeper and deeper and I'm inviting you to explore this journey with me.

MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB Membership includes:

  • Movement practices for every single body
  • Unlimited LIVE classes
  • 24/7 access to over 65 On-Demand recorded practices + new classes uploaded every week!
  • Access to monthly challenges 
  • Mini retreats and mini workshops

Practices include:

  • YOclectic classes (fusion of dynamic and functional movement, strength work and yoga) with option to use weights and resistance bands
  • Yoga Practices for various levels 
  • Ayurveda Dosha-focused Yoga classes 
  • Mini Tutorials 
  • Body Area Specific Mini Practices 
  • Time of Day Mini Practices 
  • Resistance Band classes 
  • & more coming!!


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Anxiety Busting and Stress Relieving Practices

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Tune Up Ball Self Massage Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Pranayama Practices
  • Chanting sessions

Radiant Mindset Building 

  • Monthly Themes
  • Group Chisel Chats 
  • Monthly and/or Quarterly Intention Setting and Life Vision Mapping
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Mini Workshops Featuring

  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle 
  • Radiant Aging
  • Developing Healthy Eating Habits For Your Body and Unique Goals
  • Anxiety Busting
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Chakras
  • How To Stay Connected To Your Practice Even During Challenging Times
  • Discounts on any future full workshops and retreats
  • And more!




This membership is dedicated to the growth and limitless potential of YOU and your Vertical Climb; to aging with grace, strength and wisdom!

Investing in yourself by becoming a member today and you'll be grandfathered in at this current price and you will remain at that same investment for as long as you are a current member.

This LAB fuels my passion of supporting every woman who embarks on this crusade.

I dream of building a community deeply devoted and committed to their self-discovery crusade and to the evolution of their Soul.

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What You Get:

  • Unlimited LIVE classes 
  • 24/7 On-demand access to all class recordings
  • Radiant Mindset building
  • Classes for every single body! Movement options are given in each class no matter whether you're a pure beginner, seasoned fitness/yoga enthusiast or are just returning to being more active
  • Quarterly Intention Setting and Life Vision Mind-mapping Sessions
  • *Private group space to ask questions, post comments and share the process and journey we are moving through together (*part of LAB subscriptions only)
  • Monthly Chisel Chats
  • Motivation!!
  • Tutorials and Mini Practice sessions
  • Monthly theme to explore

Benefits You Receive:

  • Move better with increased strength and mobility
  • Step past your comfort zone and do the things you have been putting off!
  • Chisel the conditioning of the mind so you can do what you love and have no regrets
  • Be yourself without apology!
  • Create a radiant mindset and let age be your advantage rather than your crutch
  • Gain a broader awareness of your life and begin doing what truly matters
  • Improve your balance physically and mentally!
  • Deep sense of accomplishment
  • Be a part of a sangha (community) who gets it and welcomes you as YOU!
  • Calmer, clearer mind to face the inevitable challenges in life
  • Become a wise role model for others
  • Accountability!!

Join LIVE or access the recordings when convenient for you!

That's the best part! You can practice various classes depending on your schedule; how much time you have, how you're feeling energetically and what your body and mind need in the moment.

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A Radiant Space

Steadfast and Easeful. In the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB space, you will find these principles in motion in all we do. In yoga it's called Sthira + Sukha. A radiant space that allows strength, steadiness and focus to develop along with contemplation, ease and reflection. A space to be who you are, connecting with individuals who are of a similar mindset on a similar path.

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A Radiant Lifestyle

A radiant body and mind does not just come from wishful thinking and there is no magic pill. It takes a deep devotion and practice daily for that radiance to shine through. Take the time to fuel your body with what it needs to perform its best and the practices that will support a radiant lifestyle. The LAB takes out the guesswork with body & mind practices, daily routine tips and more. 

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A Radiant Reason

You have one life in this human form you are in now. Why not be your strongest, wisest Self? Why not live whatever life you have left in the healthiest, most vibrant vehicle you can for as long as you can so you can continue doing what you love most? And be happy and content even when you can't! Ahh, that's the magic component! 

Monthly Subscription Option

$21 Every Month

---> Automatic Monthly Renewal <---

  • Cancel anytime
  • Cancellation occurs after current renewal expires
  • Change subscription anytime
  • Subscription change occurs at end of current renewal expiration
  • You will be charged on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel

6-Month Subscription Option

$108/Every 6 Months

---> Automatic 6 Month Renewal <---

  • Lower monthly rate
  • Cancel anytime
  • Cancellation occurs after current renewal expires
  • Change subscription anytime
  • Subscription change occurs at end of current renewal expiration
  • You will automatically be charged every 6-months for this membership until you cancel

One Month Only


For One Month Only -No Subscription

  • One-time payment 
  • Enjoy the LAB for one month
  • Access to everything in the LAB for one month except the Private Community Space
  • After the month is up, your membership will terminate
  • Great way to try on a month of the LAB without recurring payments

Renew your Strength


Renew your Self-relationship 


Renew your Spirit

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This Lab Is For You If:

  • You are a woman 50+ who is ready to create some shifts
  • You are a woman under 50 who wants to create the shifts now to maintain the radiance beyond 50
  • You are ready to do something for YOU!
  • You are ready to commit to showing up, doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own transformation
  • Your body has hit a plateau and/or adapted to your current routines


This Lab Is Not For You If:

  • You are not ready to begin to move out of your comfort zone
  • You need 1 on 1 guidance or therapy
  • You have a current injury or health condition and did not get your doctor's consent
  • You are looking for someone else to do the work for you
  • You are not willing to show up for yourself 
  • Inner growth and physical health is not a priority for you at this time


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Special Price Through January 2021

There's no better time than Now to start. If you wait for the 'right time' it will never come.

Don't waste another precious moment!

Days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. Months into years.

Don't let this month be another repeat. Turn the page and let the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB membership be the start of a whole new chapter and way of being.

Be a part of an ever-evolving, engaged and growing community.


On-Demand Access Open Now!

***LIVE Classes Every Week***

Monthly Option


Automatic Monthly Renewal

  • Cancel anytime
  • Cancellation occurs after current renewal expires
  • Change subscription anytime
  • Subscription change occurs at end of current renewal expiration
  • Automatic monthly renewal

6-Month Option


Automatic 6 Month Renewal

  • Lower monthly rate
  • Cancel anytime
  • Cancellation occurs after current renewal expires
  • Change subscription anytime
  • Subscription change occurs at end of current renewal expiration
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I had lost my "mojo" during the pandemic and this was a great way for me to jump back in to some structured workouts for a brief challenge with Gina in her Mind Body Chisel Challenge!

The YOclectic classes in the challenge are an all encompassing workout moving the body through strength training, yoga, and cardio. In addition, there are meditations, Yoga Nidra and also some self-massage rolling with tuneup balls.  Gina creates a safe environment for everyone while making the workouts playful with modifications.  Gina is extremely knowledgeable and makes herself available to her students in their journey. 

I will be continuing on with the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB membership indefinitely!

~SLK, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Beauty Counter Consultant

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I just finished the Mind Body Chisel Challenge.
It was Awesome! A perfect balance of workouts, yoga, meditations, Yoga Nidra, recipes and so much more. It was only 30 minutes a day, and easily obtainable. I looked forward to each and everyone! Positive mindset, positive outcome.
Can’t wait to continue on with the MIND~ BODY CHISEL LAB! I'm in.
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Jen Hellriegel

Loving the workouts! I feel as if I’m getting a little cardio without killing my knees. I don’t feel sore after the workouts, just good.

The website design is easy to understand and navigate and the quality of the videos is excellent and I crack up when Gina adds her little comments within the videos. The production, look and feel is really good.   

I am appreciating the program and wanted to let you know!