Trataka Meditation

Trataka meditation is also called 'Gazing' meditation.

It's when you take an object and set it in front of you about 1-2 feet and around eye level and gaze at it.

You want to try not to blink and if your eyes start to tear, use a tissue to pat the tears. Don't rub your eyes as those tears are said to be removing impurities so better to pat them away.

A candle flame is traditionally used with this form of meditation, and it's my favorite object to use. But you can also use an image or picture or a crystal or mandala too.

If your eyes get tired, close them for a short bit and then start again.

Try it for a few minutes. Then close your eyes, focus softly on the space between your eyes, the third chakra, and look for the internal flame.

You may see the inner light of the flame bounce around in your internal gaze. Just focus right in on it again and bring it back to center.

Once the internal flame starts to fade away, sit in quiet meditation for another couple minutes.

I've been doing this meditation every morning this week as a part of my early AM practice and I've been loving the effects.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

~ gina

Ps. In the MIND~BODY CHISEL LAB this week we had a Winter Solstice session Sunday night to prepare for the solstice and also an early 5AM practice Monday morning to intentional move into the darkest day with full awareness. (This solstice was also extra unique with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.) It was an amazing couple sessions and helped to gain clarity of the deep intention we all want to bring into 2021.

Speaking of 2021, if you want to carve away 2020 and chisel in an intentional 2021, join me for the JANUARY 2021 CHISEL CHALLENGE which starts on January 4th. It's gonna be awesome and I may even throw in a an early morning sadhana practice a couple times too!!! Check it out here. (And when you sign up by January 8th, you can gift a friend this challenge too!) 



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