In mid July I fell and fractured my knee cap. Yea, what a great thing for a yoga teacher to do, eh?!

Luckily it was a non-displaced fracture which means my bone stayed together so I didn't need surgery......yay!

And these past few weeks have my put my practice to the test.

I've had a daily practice of some sort for over the past year and a half now. A steady practice meaning every, single day.

My practice includes some or all of the following:

  • Yoga asanas (physical poses)
  • Breath work
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Reflection
  • Other types of movement/workouts

Forming this practice stemmed from the many years I dealt with and suffered from anxiety. Then once I become a yoga teacher my practice evolved a bit. Then again it evolved and changed and become significantly more consistent after I took a yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training. Now, like I said above, I practice every single day. Some days a shorter practice. Some days a longer practice. But I do something.

It's my non-negotiable.

And all was going fine and dandy and then boom........I fell and broke my knee cap.

I did not miss one day of my practice. But it did change a bit.

No lower body work. But my upper body was good so I still moved those parts.

Meditation and chanting was a big part of my practice for the first 3 weeks.

And something huge happened the first night after I fell.

When I went to bed I was getting a bit worried. I didn't know what I did to my knee joint yet because I didn't go to the ER until the following day.

But I made a huge decision.

I decided to be OK no matter what.

That's not something I would have done even 2 years ago. It showed me how much my practice has had an effect on my mind.

This incident really put my practice to the test. It demonstrated that persistent practice is the key to less suffering.

I decided not to add all the additional commentary that my mind wanted to add to this incident.......the what if this or that.

Instead I chose to be ok, and help my body the best way I knew how to heal.

End of story.

And like the quote above states, I decided not to waste my enery on insisting that my situation be otherwise.

This stuff is simple, not easy.

But it can be done and a consistent, persistent practice, especially when things are going well and you are feeling great, is key to so much of it.






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