3 Biggest Reasons To Exercise, imho


 Your Body Is Your Vehicle.

I love this perspective shift!

We need to tend to our car vehicles at some point so they drive well. If we ignore the upkeep, our car won't last as long and/or not drive as well as it could.

Seeing our body as a vehicle brings the same kind of awareness to it. Tending to our body daily will serve it well in most cases; for feeling better, being energetic and stronger, for longevity, for healing faster from physical challenges, for living longer independently and by hopefully being a bit more okay when the final time does come for our vehicle to run out of gas and not be able to be refueled (that deals more with the mind-chiseling mud aspect).

But I do love seeing the body as a vehicle, and I'm going to do my best to keep the gas tank filled until the time comes when it will fuel up no more. AND, it's the reason why I keep moving my body daily.

 So on to my 3 biggest reasons to exercise and keep moving and fueling the body!

 1. Mental, Physical & Emotional Health
This is huge! And it encompasses so much. This reason alone can promote longevity AND along with longevity, may allow us to live longer INDEPENDENTLY!
Plus, better mental, physical and emotional health means less stress because when you work out you release 'feel-good' hormones which improve your mood, thus lowering stress and tension. Increased mental and physical health can also boost your immune system, increase cardiovascular health (which supports brain health) and lessen anxiety and depression. This reason alone is big enough to get somebody off the couch and start moving because this means you may get sick less often!

Because improved mental, physical and emotional health means you feel better!

 2. Better Sleep
Another big reason to exercise is to increase your capacity to have better quality sleep.
In Ayurveda, sleep is considered one of the 3 main pillars of life and for good reason. Sleep contributes to our ability to thrive.
Thus, sleep is a big component to health and wellness and we need quality sleep to be able to function in life. We cannot live long and well without good sound sleep. Your mental, physical and emotional health will decline in the long run without proper sleep. On the flip side, having better mental and physical health, will promote better quality sleep.
It's a win-win!
3. Increased Confidence, Motivation & Radiance
This may be the biggest reason of all to exercise imho. When you experience increased confidence, motivation and radiance, you'll want to keep moving and thus the latter two reasons will happen naturally as side effects.
When you are confident and stay on track and see results, you feel like you're on top of the world and nothing can stop you. And this in turn has you radiate from the inside out. People will start to comment on how you look and how your eyes shine and how much energy you have. They will want to know your secret!
You'll become a role model to many folks, many who you won't even have any idea you're affecting and that's pretty darn cool.
You'll also most likely get more stuff done, feeling productive and accomplished which in turn will make you feel pretty damn amazing.

Summing it all up...

Our body systems are connected and work together better when all are functioning optimally and in harmony. And moving your body in some form daily, help all this to happen.
You'll be a happier person and who couldn't use more of that?!!
Plus as we enter to last half of our life, it's even more important to keep moving to keep our strength and flexibility.
So unless you aren't somewhat able to move due to an illness or injury, why aren't you moving?!!
I'd love to know......please comment below and also let me know if this info helps you in any way. Thanks.
Here's to chiseling the mud by moving the body,
Ps. Of course be smart about starting a new exercise program if you haven't done so in a while and especially if you have something going on in your body or mind. Seek professional advice in those cases.

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