Boost Your Brain-Body Coordination
Connection Class

FREE LIVE 60-min Class on *Friday, November 27th, 10AM EST


Feeling a little unsteady?
Could you use a balance and coordination boost?

Join me for this free class!


You don't need to lose your mobility, movement and coordination as you age.

You can work at it and practice on keeping it. And yes, it takes practice.

It can also be fun. 

Brush up on some hand-eye coordination, uplevel your balancing skills and engage your brain/body connection with some fun moves. 

So join me and let's stay durable with better movement, better balance and better coordination for as long as we can!

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Yes I'm in!

Hola! I'm Gina and I'm excited for you to join me!

I truly believe aging can be your advantage and not your crutch. And in order to make that happen, one thing we need to do is MOVE! As well as keep up our brain-body connection and hand-eye coordination and balance. This class will have you do all that!

So click that button above and join me in this free class offer and I'll see you LIVE on the 27th!