Alleviating Nighttime Panic Attacks
Mini Course

Finally start to experience a good night's sleep

once again.

In this online mini course you will stop dreading the nighttime, start feeling more like yourself again and get the quality sleep your mind and body needs.

You will:

  • Develop a clear and simple Nighttime Ritual and Calming Strategy

  • Use your inner wisdom as a guide as you move through your unique healing journey

  • Have on-the-spot tools needed when a nighttime panic attacks hits

Here's what you receive:


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~ 5 Steps to Alleviating Panic and Anxiety Attacks At Night PDF Guide 

~ Alleviating Nighttime Panic Attacks PDF Workbook & Reflection Journal

~ Companion MP3 Audio Guide where I walk you through the entire mini course

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~ Alleviating Nighttime Panic Guided Meditation/Visualization

~ Calming Yoga Practice Video

~ All content in one private space easily accessible and any updates I make to this mini course you receive free for life



Get Your Life Back on Track

If you're tired of being tired from the mental exhaustion that comes from experiencing nocturnal panic attacks, it's time to take action.

If you're tired of dreading the time of day when the sun starts to go down, it's time to take action.

If you're tired of not feeling like yourself and being too exhausted to enjoy time with your family and friends, it's time to take action.

If you're tired of being afraid to fall asleep at night or not being able to fall asleep due to the worry of experiencing another nighttime panic attack, I invite you to show up for yourself and take this mini course.

Join me and start now.

Let's do this!

I'm Ready!

Key points about this course:

It's not fun to have nighttime panic and anxiety attacks. I get it. I've been there and know what that's like.

I wish I had this mini course when I was at the peak of my nocturnal panic attack episodes.

Instead I worked through this period of my life, uncovering what worked to help alleviate the nighttime panic. Now I've finally decided to put together this mini course to share with you the tools that helped me heal, so you too can heal and stop dreading the nighttime.

The key though is you must work through and implement the tools you receive. Just reading about them will not work.

You will receive 2 PDF downloads; one which includes the main content of the course and the other, a workbook and reflection journal.

Plus you receive an mp3 audio, which you can also download, where I guide you through the entire course.

You also receive a downloadable meditation/visualization called Alleviating Nighttime Panic that will help to calm your mind and body down when you start to experience, or wake up with, a nocturnal panic attack. This audio can be used anytime and will help you to fall back asleep more easily when you wake up with a panic attack.

Another key component of this course I created for you is a video called, Calming Yoga Practice. This practice is simple, yet effective, and can be used any time, but especially as part of a nighttime ritual to prepare the body and mind for a calming night's sleep.

You receive all the contents of this course after you purchase it.

I've made this mini course as practical and simple and do-able as I can to help folks who are experiencing nighttime panic and anxiety attacks, start to mindfully alleviate them in a way that works to heal them, not just put a band-aid on top.

The time is now for you to begin to bring more consistent presence, clarity and intentional rituals into your day so that panic and anxiety do not steal another precious moment of your night or another precious drop of your sleep!

Take Action

Click the button below to purchase this mini course, start alleviating your nighttime panic and forge a new path to experiencing a good night's sleep once again.


I'm Ready
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