5 Steps To Bust Through Anxiety
Mini Course


If you're human, you've got Mud. And if you're here, some of the Mud you may be dealing with at the moment is anxiety.

The 5 steps in this mini course will lead you on a path to start chiseling your way through the mud and bust through anxiety.

We all need to start somewhere.

Start here and now and begin to feel more open and vibrant in the body & clear and calm in the mind.

Let's do this!

In this online mini course you will learn 5 clear and simple steps to start:

  • Becoming more aware of the present moment
  • Feeling some calm, quiet pauses throughout your day

And, what may be the most important:

  • You'll start implementing ways to put a break on the mind stream of stress and anxiety-inducing thoughts that keep you trapped in the grip of anxiety
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Each of the 5 Steps Include an Audio Version of Each Lesson

In each step of this mini course you have the option to listen as well as read the lesson. Listen right on your phone or computer. You also have the option to download each audio lesson.

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Each Step also Includes a Simple Worksheet

Download and use the worksheet that goes along with each lesson if you wish. It will allow you to keep track of your progress and to reinforce what you are learning and help you to take action.

It's Time

If you're tired of being in the grip of anxiety and missing out on the fun and adventure with family and friends, I invite you to show up and take this mini course.

If you're tired of anxiety zapping the energy out of you and affecting your sleep, I invite you to show up and take this mini course.

If you're tired of being in a fog and are ready to clear the energy and welcome in a new vitality and clarity, I invite you to show up and take this mini course.

Join me and start now.

The climb out of the mud of anxiety can be challenging, but it can be done. I've done it and so can you.

Let's do this!

I'm Ready!

Key points about this course:

You receive 5 simple, short and do-able action steps to incorporate into your day to begin to create pauses within your day.

Why is this so important?

It's how you start to bust through anxiety.

We all talk to ourselves in our head.

That's what the mind does; it's a thinking machine.

And when those thoughts are anxiety-provoking, they can take you on a whirlwind that soon turns into what feels like a raging tsunami.

The mind seems to be in control and you become its servant.

I've been there and know what that's like.

These 5 steps you will learn may seem simple, but they are effective.

They help you start to see the mind for what it is. That your thoughts are not who you are and that you can use your mind to serve you.

The key though is you must implement these 5 steps. Just reading about them will not work.

That's why I've included the worksheets to help you implement what you are learning. You can print them out and use them as a reminder each day until the actions in the steps become second nature.

You also receive a downloadable Bonus Guided Relaxation Meditation that is also simple and short. In less than 8 minutes you will begin to feel the calm and peace within that's always been there, but which you haven't felt because of the layer of anxiety.

All lessons also come in audio format so you can listen and/or read about each step.

I've made this mini course as practical and simple and do-able as I can to help folks who are caught in the grip of anxiety, have somewhere to start to loosen that grip.

The time is now for you to begin to bring more presence into your day so that anxiety cannot inhabit another precious moment!

Take Action

Let's start chiseling!

Click the button below and start your anxiety-busting journey in this moment.


I'm Ready
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